Top Must Try Food for breakfast in Hanoi

Talking about Vietnam, especially Hanoi, you will find familiar with Vietnamese signature food such as “Pho”, “Banh Xeo” (Vietnamese rice pancake), spring rolls, “Bun cha” (Kebap rice noodles). However, there is no lack of choices for you to have a wonderful breakfast in this exotic city. 365 Travel will recommend you top 4 must-try food for breakfast when you come to Hanoi, Vietnam

1. Bun Rieu – vermicelli and sour crab soup

It will be a huge mistake if you leave “bun rieu” out of this list. This is one of the Vietnamese traditional foods that you should not have missed. “Bun Rieu” is served with tomato broth and topped with fresh water crab and it is eaten with a dish of vegetables. The crabs are cleaned by the water to remove all dirt and sand then are pounded with the shell on to get the broth. The broth is cooked until the crab meat float. Other ingredients can include tamarind paste, fried tofu, and rice vinegar.

This dish has a fresh sour flavor from rice vinegar, sweet from crab and beef bones and a little bit oily flavor from fried tofu and crabs meat. Therefore it is a great choice for your breakfast as it will provide you nutrient and energy to start a new day.

2. Banh Cuon – Steam Rice Roll

This is one of the most delicious and oldest breakfast dishes in Vietnam. “Banh Cuon” is a harmonious combination of ground pork, minced wood ear mushroom, onions which were wrapped in a steamed rice flour sheet. This dish usually consists of “cha lua" (Vietnamese pork sausage in English), steamed bean sprouts and cucumbers with dipping in a delicious, flavor – enhancing sauce. This sauce is made from fish sauce, with warm water and a little sugar. You can easily find "banh cuon" restaurant all over Hanoi. However, we highly recommend "Banh Cuon Gia Truyen” in Old Quarter because they have the menu with English translation and their food is the best. If you have time come by Old Quarter, do not hesitate to give it a try. Trust us; it will not make you disappointed.

3. Xoi xeo – Sticky Rice

Vietnam is one of the world’s richest agricultural regions and the second – largest rice exporter worldwide (after Thailand). Therefore, foods made from rice are very popular. Sticky rice also refers as a common dish for breakfast. Among many types of sticky rice, “xoi xeo” is the perfect combination of 3 main ingredients (sticky rice, mung beans, and fried onions) and color. The vendor put some slices of the mung beans ball on the top of sticky rice, and then adds some fried onion and a little oil which made from chicken fat. Finally, you will see it is wrapped with banana leaf. Extremely attractive with a golden color, “xoi xeo” is sold in every corner of Hanoi and very convenient for you take away.

4. Ca phe trung – Egg Coffee

People are very used to foods from eggs as egg scrambled or sunny side up with some bacon, sausage. But have you ever tried putting an egg in your coffee? The answer is absolutely no because this is the dish that only Vietnam has. It is prepared by mixing egg yolks with sugar, condensed milk, and Vietnamese signature black coffee. Egg coffee is served in a bowl of hot water to retain the temperature. It’s consumed with a small spoon and the frothy and yolky layer will remind you of a crème Brulee. Egg coffee will definitely be the best choice for you to have a wonderful breakfast in Hanoi.