Top Things To Know Before Making A Trip To Thailand

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country, bordered by Laos and Myanmar to the North, Laos and Cambodia to the East, Thailand bay and Malaysia to the South, Myanmar and the Andaman Sea to the West. Regarded as “the Land of Smiles”, Thailand attracts tourists with tropical beaches, palatial royal palaces, ancient Buddhist Temples, especially warm and cozy people. More than 90 percent of Thailand’s populations are Buddhist. When it comes to travel, you will see the Buddhist architecture in style everywhere. Here are top things you should remember before traveling Thailand.

1. Do not step on monks’ shadow on a sunny day.

According to Buddhist Doctrines, the monks' shadow represent for themselves. So step on their shadow means you are stepping on their body. It would be seen as an act of disrespect to the monks that you should avoid.

2. Respect the King and Royal Family.

The King and the Royal Family is absolutely admired by Thai people. Once you arrive in Thailand, you will see the photos of the King posted everywhere. So be careful when you talk about the King and Royal Family. Thai people regard their King as the symbol of righteousness and the Big Father of the country. The love of people for the venerable King was seen after his death last year on 13th October; more than 12 million people have prostrated themselves in front of his coffin at the Grand Palace, where the body has remained before the cremation. Therefore, do not make a joke about the King or the Royal Family if you don’t want to get punishment.

3. The temple taboo

- Cover your elbows, knees, and legs when visiting not only temples but also WATS, palaces, monasteries.
- Do not wear revealing and appropriate clothing as it is very disrespectful. Therefore, women should wear long dress, long sleeve shirt or pants while men should wear hat
- Do not touch the Buddhist monks if you are a woman
- Don’t wear shoes into a temple where a Buddha statue is kept.
- Speak quietly and act calm when entering a temple.
- If you buy Buddha statue, do not put it into your bag. This will be considered as an offended action.

4. Do as Thais do

As the majority of Thai people are Buddhist, so there are some important customs you must follow when traveling Thais. It will impact on how you are perceived by the locals
- Show you’re friendly and always smile with the local when you walk by.
- Do not touch other’s head because head is considered as the most valuable part of one person
- Do stand-up whenever the national anthem is being played. For example 8 AM and 6 PM at public area, before the start of the film or during any public event when a member of the Royal Family is present
- Do not point at someone as this action means that you want to attack them.